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Gum raps have worked exceedingly well in Kilkenny as they have had a massive appeal to teenagers who are our target age group for anti litter gum campaigns.  The appeal of gum raps is strengthened by the colourful and fresh illustrations and it’s a novel and relatively inexpensive product to distribute in schools and youth clubs.


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Wolverhampton Council

During September 2011 Wolverhampton City Council will be working in partnership with DEFRA, the Chewing Gum Action Group and Keep Britain Tidy to address the sticky problem of chewing gum litter in Wolverhampton.

Canterbury Council

“Irresponsible dropping of chewing gum on pavements is an incredibly antisocial activity that blights our public spaces and can be very expensive and time consuming for those that are involved in the clean up.”

Chesterfield Council

The ‘Size Does Matter’ campaign aims to get across the message that even though cigarette ends and chewing gum may seem insignificant in size their removal from our streets and pavements is time consuming and expensive.